This post is written specifically for my lovely cousin, Katelyn, who requested a blog update and reminded me that although I've posted house photos on facebook, I haven't yet posted anything about the house on this site.That means you better be reading this Katelyn, or else...

So here I sit in our very own kitchen (well, maybe it's Bank of America's kitchen) which just this morning we fixed up a bit. See? Before and after:
Perhaps it's due to having to retrofit so many florescent light fixtures back in the day at Redwood Chapel, but Paul abhorred the kitchen fixture that came with this house and it was numero uno on his list of things to fix (Actually, I think it was more like numero seis, but that's not a trite little American phrase now, is it?). These photos also showcase our beautiful "popcorn" textured ceilings. So pretty and easy to clean and they don't collect cobwebs at all. Just lying. I hate them. Luckily, we found out that the texture is not at all difficult to remove and already took it off our guest bathroom ceiling. The proof:
And here is evidence pointing to the reason why we haven't yet tackled the ceiling in the kitchen or any of the other rooms yet:

Just a wee bit messy. I may have ceiling texture in my hair for the rest of my life. We haven't yet gotten to patching and painting, but it is such a good feeling to have that gross stuff gone and to know that it can easily be accomplished. (And luckily our house was built post 1980, so no risk of asbestos.)

That's about all I've got, Katelyn. Plus I'm super hungry.

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Sonja said...

Kitchen light looks good! You'll have to wear a shower cap the next time you scrape the popcorn!