The weather has been fantastic the last couple of days around here and it reminded me of how wonderful it is to live in California as others are still braving ice and snow. (Seventy-three degrees in February?!) These pictures remind me of a lazy summer day, the kind of day that Paul and I are quite eager to return to. It seems to me that the picture of the sidewalk should have a wayward scoop of vanilla ice cream melting on it. 

Before we get to summer vacation though school will be quite busy. Paul is organizing an art show that will be held next Friday, and shortly thereafter we'll be holding a speech meet, spelling bee, and science fair. Then we'll have spirit week, diem compite, an old-fashioned school-wide picnic, Butter and Eggs Day parade, and the school auction. Many activities to cram into only fifty-seven school days! But I think we can handle fifty-seven days of craziness, knowing that summer vacation is on its way. =)

By the way, it's probably obvious, but I didn't take either one of those pictures. They really are both in Petaluma, but I found them on flickr. 


Signs of spring are all around! Trees are budding, flowers are blooming, temperatures are rising, and our cat is mating. Yes, our beloved little kitty is apparently "in heat" right now. So perhaps we'll have some kittens running around come April. (No, we haven't had our cat spayed yet and yes, she become an out of doors cat. And yes, we are horrible, irresponsible human beings.) 

Latin class is going very well. It's very challenging, but in a good way. Translating sentences is really fun because of all of the declensions - it's like a puzzle that you have to piece together, with little clues to guide you along the way. We had our first test two weeks ago, and both of our tests came back with "optime" written on them because both received an A+! We have another test this week and I'm really hoping we'll both get an A+ again. Which reminds me that I really should probably be doing something other than writing this blog. Valete!