Life here in Texas sure is rough. I don't know if I can handle it, it's so awful. There are rattlesnakes rattling and scorpions stinging and you can barely breathe the air is so heavy. Everyone drives a huge truck, says y'all, and moves sooo slowly. Sike! Well, okay, there are a lot of huge trucks. With bumpers that are made of steel. But hardly anyone has an "accent", people work noticeably fast (almost too fast when they are making your sandwich at Subway - it's just thrown together), it doesn't feel Wisconsin-humid, and we've yet to encounter any poisonous wildlife. However! We did spot a pink Mary Kay Cadillac being driven by a truly stereotypical big-haired southern woman which was sort of surreal. And at a church we visited on Sunday (where, by the way, we were at least 30 years younger than anyone else in the congregation) we did also see a woman who had white hair but thickly penciled brown eyebrows and overall garish make-up taste. I'm sure these two ladies aren't typical of Texas since they stood out, but I kind of wish they were. I'm not sure if Texas has turned out its promise as being "a whole other country."

Here is our small slice of the real Texas though. These pictures show (off) how we spent our morning - lounging in the pool while catching up on some summer reading. We spent two hours out here after working out for an hour at the gym and had the whole pool area to ourselves. I must say that although I would never consider choosing a home based on such amenities, they are a pretty nice perk and something we intend to enjoy while we can.

I promise to put more pictures up soon, but here are a couple of photos of our new home from the outside.

Our car is officially a Texan!