Kitty Johnson has turned out to be one ferocious feline. (Actually, she has the habit of blinking every time the camera flashes.) Can you spot Kitty in the picture on the top right? She's very fond of hanging out with Paul.

My blissfully carefree summer vacation officially ended last week. (By the way, I'm helping Paul figure out his grammar curriculum for this year, so I can't help but analyze every sentence I write - pronoun, adverb, adj., adj., noun, adverb, verb, adj., noun - that's all that's going on in my head as I type.) On Monday, Paul convinced me to go with him down to the school to see if he could set up his classroom and while there I got suckered into starting my job as the school receptionist/secretary at 8:00 am the following day. Whoopee. Actually, it's a good thing because it means we'll receive a paycheck a few weeks earlier than we expected and it gives me a chance to get settled into my job a bit before school begins. But still, it's funny - it always seems like once you really begin to relish something (in my case, not waking up to an alarm clock, taking long walks around the neighborhood every morning, eating breakfast and lunch at a leisurely pace, reading for hours on end), it's quickly gone. Which somehow reminds me that I should get off the computer and go mop the hardwood floor.


Last Saturday Erin came to visit! We went to this great restaurant called Dempsey's which is located right next to the river in Downtown Petaluma. We had delicious food, great scenery, and a really fun time hanging out with Erin!