I feel like we are past due for an update on our blog. Which reminds me that we have some overdue library books as well... Anyway, today is the last day of our week-long spring break. We had a really good vacation - we were able to accomplish a few projects around the house, spend time with friends and family, and recreate. (This is a tangent, but I just read somewhere that the word recreation is generally misused these days to simply mean to go for a bike ride or something, when really it originally meant to stop, think, and "re-create." Although, I do think that going for a long walk and thinking about one's life seem to go hand and hand. So maybe the modern definition of the word is not so far from its origin.) I could go into great detail about all of the things that we did, but I'm feeling rather lazy. And no one really wants to read all of that junk anyway, right? The pictures above were taken on Easter Sunday post-sunrise (I guess that's obvious!); the following picture was taken pre-sunrise of that amazing full moon.

The photograph doesn't do it justice, but I can still picture in my mind how truly breathtaking that morning was. Everything was so still and quiet and pristine. Paul and I got up before dawn that day, feeling pretty sleepy and grumpy and a little overwhelmed by the things we had to accomplish before heading off to church, but when we saw that moon, we suddenly remembered what day it was and what was important (and not so important) about that day. We spent a long time in silent awe.    
Anyway, Paul is bugging me to get off the computer and watch something with him. But for those who have been to our house, I have to post a picture of our latest improvement. Last night we had the bright idea to move our computer out of the dining room and into the small alcove between the kitchen and the back porch. The computer is basically just sitting on a board that is attached to the wall, but it makes a great desk area, which we sorely needed. I don't know about Paul, but I feel more prepared to face the last nine weeks of school already. (Yay! Only nine weeks left!!)
Hasta luego,

P.S. Can anyone please tell me why you can't click on the pictures in these posts to make them open up full size in another window? I haven't changed the settings, and I can't figure it out. The only thing that has changed is that we now use Safari instead of Firefox. Also, why is one paragraph of this post spaced differently?