I guess we should have registered for two sets of bedding? On Monday morning after washing the bedding I was remaking the bed and went to put the pillowcases on and instead of the pillows going into the cases, the cases practically tore in half. These are not just any pillowcases either, they are our wedding present pillowcases that my parents gave us three years ago. Our incredibly soft, ridiculously high thread-count, superior Egyptian cotton pillowcases. I am incredibly disappointed to see these go. I may even make handkerchiefs out of them for posterity. (Maybe our grandchildren will want a little piece of our first Crate and Barrel pillowcases?)

A couple of weeks ago our fitted sheet split right down the middle too. This also was a wedding present in a way, in that we bought it for ourselves after returning some registry items that were duplicates. I can remember standing on the third floor of Macy's Men's at Stoneridge trying to justify the cost of this (sixty dollar? eighty?) sheet -"We'll spend eight hours a day lying on this piece of fabric!" Actually, the price really does seem quite warranted if you look at it that way. Maybe I can convince Paul again... I replaced the sheet two weeks ago with a sheet of the Bluelight special variety. And guess what? The two-week old sheet is already completely pilly. It's downright horrid. I hate sleeping on it and I swear that I have gotten less sleep because of those pills. (I'm weird like that though, I can't sleep well with bunchy sheets or while wearing pajama pants or socks. I seriously just got goosebumps thinking about how awful it is to sleep in pajama pants.)

Is anyone still reading this post? I know that I should be grateful that my problems amount to deteriorating sheet sets and not being able to sleep in socks. But I do just miss our nice lovely bedding and I'm feeling a little nostalgic because it was one of the first things that belonged to us as a couple.

We're still sleeping on those pillowcases by the way - afterall, they are only ripped halfway down the middle on one side. So far the other side is still in relatively good shape. I learned from the K-Mart mistake (which was way more extravagant than buying the fancy sheet the first time around if you look at how poorly it's held up already!). You have to hold on to these good things as long as you possibly can!

Now I've got "Jack and Diane" in my head. You know, "Hold on to sixteen as long as you can! Changes come around real soon make us women and men." Oh John Mellancamp. How your gift of poetry has stuck with me. Thank you.

And you're welcome, reader, for this wonderful post.


A day in the life of a stay-at-home preschool provider. Well, this represents more than one day, but every day is always filled with books, art, and eating.Today I got another little girl to join us! Woohoo! I'm so excited. She's two and her name is Ansleigh and her family seems cool. This blog post is very picture heavy because I'm too excited about having another kid coming to my house that I don't even know what to say!