Once again there's been quite a lapse in blogging activity and I have several good excuses this time. I had the flu for two solid weeks in November, I got lazy due to a social-networking website (which shall remain nameless), and our Little-Engine-That-Could-iMac crashed. Again. And to top it all off, for a couple of months life seemed to be paused. That is, until Christmas vacation.

This Christmas we decided to drive back to California during Paul's two-week break. I will spare all of the gory details of the drive except to say that on the way back to Texas we left Hayward, CA at 9:30pm and drove straight through to Fort Stockton, TX. Insanity. I thought riding a horse was bad, but try sitting in a Chevy Aveo for twenty hours. I swear the meager shower head with water that barely drizzled out at the Motel 6 in Fort Stockton that night felt like a spa at a five-star resort. We slept like logs in those scratchy sheets too (Paul even had a conversation with me and took my socks off and I had no recollection of it).

One of the bonuses of a road trip too (aside from making the not-so-luxurious seem luxurious) is that it practically forces you to take the time to think and plan out your life and have deeper than normal discussions. Taking long walks seems to have a similar effect. It's fun to talk about what career you want to have next, where you want to live, what kind of house you want to live in, etc. (Paul - University Librarian, Erica - Preschool Teacher, Seattle, Arts and Crafts style Bungalow) Who knows if any of those aspirations will ever come to fruition, but it's nice to imagine the possibilities. Kind of like playing M.A.S.H. married grown-up style.

I will have to post more on Christmas later. We are still on California time it seems and have been getting less than six hours of sleep every night since school re-commenced because we haven't been going to bed until midnight or later. I didn't realize that it was already 9:30 and the computer has a caffeine-like effect on my brain. So, hasta manana.