our little house. it looks a little unkempt right now, so i'll post another picture once we spruce it up a bit. we can't wait to move in!

i just found out that in petaluma there are still milkmen.

this blog is pretty boring so far.



Hi. We are moving to Petaluma. this blog may be a kind of electronic cup and string so that we don't feel too far away. We will post pictures and all the things that we like or that we are doing. All for free. you can't pass up this offer! Anyway we are moving because I have been offered a teaching position at Harvest Christian School (in Petaluma), and we will be livng in a small one bedroom house that erica absolutely adores. If you want to know why this school is particularly important to me you should read the essay by Dorothy Sayers entitled: The Lost Tools of Learning. talk to you later.