Well, old man Winter decided to show his face around Petaluma this morning. He's an early guest - I thought he was supposed to arrive on the 21st! As long as our heater is on (which you will be glad to know PG&E lit the pilot last Thursday), we don't mind his visit. It's really pretty actually. Everything is sparkling in the sunlight. I went for a walk to take these pictures but couldn't go too far because my socks were so thin my feet felt like they were going to freeze and break right off. I think as a Californian I'm a bit unprepared to face 25 degree weather. I guess the city thinks so too because they actually coned off streets that were deemed too icy - which I'm sure a northerner would find rather humorous. Don't those Wisconsin folks drive over a frozen lake all winter? (I know the answer is yes. And in light of that I want to say "thank you" to my parents for moving 2000 miles west.) =)