Correct me it I am wrong but, I think that I have posted only once on this blog and (seeing as how my name is in the title) I may as well at least post twice. So, in no particular order here are my ten favorite things about Texas. (actually I lied they are in order)

10. scorpions. (not the band)
Although I have yet to see one, I am still hoping.

9. rocks.
It is true, the Alamo is made of stone as is literally everything else in and around San Antonio. It is truly majestic.

8. The Grackle.
This little dastard is as loud as all get out. They are ubiquitous as well.

7. rivers.
Being land locked never looked so good.

6. B.B.Q.
True it may take some getting used but you'll have many chances (any social gathering you attend) to become accustomed.

5. Austin.
Aside from reminding me slightly of Oakland, many cool bands play there. It was also the birthplace of Mineral, and numerous crazy music festivals.

4. Beer.
Flying Saucer is THE best place ever. I think that I shall be buried there someday.

3. Geneva.
Really it is what makes all of this possible, at least for me.

2. Hank Hill.
Although this is a fictional character on, sadly, a canceled cartoon program, there really are quite a few people in Texas that actually remind me of him, as well as the many other unforgettable characters on "King of the Hill."

1. Erica.
I know, I know "spare me the cheese." Even if I sound like a cornball, I have to admit that she makes everything better. I am positively certain that Texas would not be as good (no offense Texas, I am not messing with you) without her around.

...Now you know, and knowing is half the battle...