Introducing (from top to bottom) Minnie, Chewbacca, & Sam. Our kittens have grown from little blobs of fur into miniature cats. They walk (Minnie generally walks backwards), run, spin in circles (Minnie does this constantly, we think she's trying to figure out how to get out of reverse), chew on plastic bags, fight with each other, jump at sudden noises (Chewbacca is particularly jumpy), lick bare feet, and eat kitten chow. They are really cute and very entertaining to watch. 

I took this one picture of them before they could walk and it really reminds me of that Genesis video for that song "I Can't Dance." Paul denies any similarities, but it makes me laugh every time I see this picture.

Last Friday night we got to spend the evening with a group of Paul's students. HCS recently had an auction and one of the items to bid on in the silent auction was bowling and pizza for four with Mr. & Mrs. Johnson. We had a really great time and they are a hilarious bunch. They were so funny that as Paul and I were walking to church on Sunday morning we were recounting the funny things that they had said and could barely stand up we were laughing so hard. Good times.