Displayed above are some photos from our trip to Disneyland earlier this week. (Can it really still be the same week?!) For those who were there, the top photo makes me laugh so hard I cry every time I look at it! I really need to get off of the computer, but here is a brief update on our summer thus far:

Paul is in Austin, TX for a teacher training conference - it's awful not having him home and I can't wait until he returns (which, thankfully, is tomorrow). He's having a great time though. I called him on Wednesday night as our former college pastor, Steve, was giving him a tour of the city and the first thing Paul said to me was, "we have to live here." Apparently, Steve is an excellent tour guide.

I am working full-time right now for
Kala Brand Ukulele. It's a cool job and I'm learning totally new things. I spend my days taking orders over the phone
listening carefully to differentiate between the letters "C," "E," "T," & "B" (every product has a code and it's surprisingly difficult to hear these sounds without seeing the person's mouth - it can make a big difference as C=concert B=baritone T=tenor and E=E.Q., as I'm sure you were dying to know), entering orders and receiving customer payments in Quickbooks, filing mounds of invoices, and practicing my Hawaiian phrases.

We still have our kittens, although we will be getting rid of one of them soon. They are pretty big and very fast and feisty. I haven't been letting them out of our laundry room while Paul has been gone because I don't think I can catch them all by myself or contain them in our yard. When I go to feed them they come charging at the door and I have to nudge them back with my feet. Usually one escapes under the door, but it's a lot easier for me to round up than three.

Our weather has been nasty due to the fire in Napa. It's smokey and hazy all day long. I can't wait to see some blue sky again! On our way home from Disneyland Paul and I stopped at this bike warehouse in Torrance called XYZ bikes and he bought me a 24" (I'm short) vanilla cruiser like this one. Because he had to leave at 3:30 in the morning on Wednesday, immediately after we returned from Disneyland, it's still sitting in the box. I'm hoping for some clean air and blue sky this weekend so we can go bike riding through the countryside together!