Three peas in a pod.

Kitten wrestling.
More kitten wrestling.

Chewbacca (guess who's getting attached!) was the first to open his eyes.


We have rats in our house! (Not really, but don't they kind of look like rats?) In the wee hours of the morning on Thursday, Kitty Johnson gave birth to three kittens. Actually, she gave birth to two kittens before we left for work and when I came home for lunch, a third one had appeared! They are really pretty cute even though they are still deaf and blind and spend all day nursing or sleeping. We'll post more pictures as they mature and start to play!


Paul and I went to the lovely V. Sattui winery in St. Helena today. The weather was perfect as we sat on the lawn under the shade of a tree, talking, people watching (unfortunately, one woman we watched passed out), eating some very delicious sandwiches, and, of course, drinking a glass of wine.  V. Sattui is one of my favorite places to go because they have this amazing barbecued tri-tip. I seriously have no idea how they make the tri-tip so tender and flavorful, but I have never had anything like it anywhere else in my whole life! Suffice it to say, I highly recommend visiting the V. Sattui winery. 


Summer weather is here! Hurray!